Our Electrical Conduit Fittings are 100% guaranteed

We, "STEEL CITY", are the best Electrical Conduit fittings & accessories, Wire Fittings & accessories, Explosion Proof Conduit fittings, HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized) Conduit fittings, and Lightning Protection that you can rely on. Over 20 years of experiences in this professional field, T.L.S Engineering Company Limited has been distributing the extensive of Electrical Conduit fittings, Wire Fittings, Lightning protection, HDG conduit fittings, and Explosion proof conduit fittings to serveral households, manufactories, structure sites, and constructions for the mega projects. Be ensured that you have made the right choice of choosing our products, "STEEL CITY", which will meet all of the customer's satisfaction with our premium quality electrical conduit fittings and services.

Electrical conduit fitting & Wire fitting
Lightning protection
Hot Dip Galvanized Conduit fitting
Explosion Proof Conduit fitting

** STEEL CITY 's Products apply for NPT standard (National Pipe Thread Taper ANSI C80.1)**
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